10 Amp. x 5 mL

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MELILITO + RUTINE is used for all types of cellulite reduction as it reduces capillary permeability and oedema by improving lymphatic draining and activating venous flow.

The main active ingredients of the extracts and their effects are:

Flavonoids: with diuretic and antispasmodic action.
Coumarin derivatives: have demonstrated benefits on lymphedema, which is fluid retention linked to poor lymphatic circulation, contributing to the decrease in fluid retention.

MELILITO + RUTINE is used for all stages of cellulite reduction as it helps reduce capillary permeability and bloating by improving lymphatic draining and activating venous flow.

It has far ranging benefits for dermal health and can be used on any area of the face and body, and also the scalp.

MELILITO + RUTINE is a professional use, sterile, cosmeceutical solution.

Improves the all round quality of skin and dermal health, its tone, texture and vitality, particularly skin affected with problems such as cellulite, bloating and poor circulation.

Transdermal Therapy
Designed to penetrate the skin with different methods of application.
Topical application with simple rubbing.
Topical application during massage. Virtual mesotherapy, E.g. iontophoresis, electroporation, ultrasound, etc. Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) E.g. Skin needling, Dermapen, etc.

Using the transdermal therapy technique chosen by the professional, apply 5-10ml of the solution. Treat with one session every 7 days for 5-8 session.

Repeat as required and follow with maintenance.
Often combined with actives including L- Carnitine and Silanol.

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