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Gel De Acido Glicolico 10%

Glicolic Acid Gel 10%

AHA and Glycolic acid’s actions are greatly moisturizing and regenerating for fibers as collagen and elastin and for other skin’s structures (glycosaminoglycans): it is therefore excellent to prevent, invert or reduce skin ageing effects. They also help to make skin’s tone uniform. Its scrubbing and comedolytic effect is very useful to treat oily or seborrheic skin, if it is formulated with the right excipient.

Crema Nutritiva

Con Dmae y acido Hialuronico

Our formula contains 3 % of DMAE reinforced by Hyaluronic acid so we see an immediate lifting effect that stretches and tightens the skin smoothing wrinkles. We can see a lasting firming action after the first applications of the product and from the fourth or fifth week. Fight the flab improving endurance and muscle tonification. Redefine the body contour. These results remain even for a couple of weeks after stopping the application of the products with DMAE.

bsk70 Crema Chromabright

Despigmentante Con Cromabright

Treatment cream for skin hyperpigmentation, formulated with CHROMABRIGHT®, immediate action unifying tone skin. CHROMABRIGHT® is a newly patented molecule which has been designed to whiten the skin and meets all the qualities desired in a bleaching agent. Its hypopigmenting activity has been proved by in vivo and in vitro tests.

BSK 71 Crema Antiedad

Con Vitamina C + E

Antioxidant cream –gel containing vitamin C and E for an amazing brightening effect. Helps combat the first signs of aging and has the capacity to neutralize free radicals and regenerate the cell membrane.

BSK 74 Serum Multivitaminico

Con Proteoglicanos

Over time, sunlight and pollution produced in the skin a series of structural changes that are evident on the outside, these are the signs of aging. Vitamins C, E and F have important properties that are essential for regeneration and balance of our skin cells. Proteoglycans provide hydration and firming power.

50 ML / 1.6907 Fl. Oz.


Chemical Abrasion Mask

Peel Pro Cocktail Hard is a Chemical Abrasion Mask

50ml/1.6907 Fl. Oz.

BSK81 Peel Pro Cocktail Medium

Chemical Abrasion Mask

· Diminish the thickness of the stratum corneumby reducing corneocyte cohesion.

50ml/1.6907 Fl. Oz.


Chemical Abrasion Mask

Peel Pro Cocktail Soft is a Chemical Abrasion Mask

50ml/1.6907 Fl. Oz.


chemical Abrasion Mask

Peel Pro Brightening Peel is a Chemical Abrasion Mask

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